Android 10 adds handy clipboard pasting pop-up suggestions, starting with the Pixel 4

When one copies something from any app and then switches to another app and taps on the text entry space, the next step he/she would likely take is paste the thing he/she just copied. You often find yourself in such scenario when you are using your smartphone and they may be a bit smarter about this. Google Chrome at present suggests pasting the link that you copied, but now, a similar kind of feature is all set to come to Android and that too on system-wide degree.

The owners of Pixel 4 have been seeing clipboard pasting pop-up suggestions when they select a text entry space. This pop-up works perfectly for regular text and links and does not appear to be dependent on the Gboard’s clipboard. Besides, it works well in 3rd party keywords as well. However, it is very inconsistent and fickle in terms of when it pops up as well as when it does not.

Up till now, it’s believed that the feature is triggered more consistently when one copies from an app; moves on to another app and then taps on the text entry space. It may work well when one switches between his/her WhatsApp conversations, even when they don’t move out of the app.