Android 10 allows multiple apps to access your microphone at once

The new Android 10 OS is available in some smartphones for now, but a few of its more amazing changes still remain to be unnoticed. One such change is how the audio inputs function, which lets several apps access audio input at the same time in a few cases.

Before the release of Android 10, just one app could really access audio input at the same time. If one app tried and asked permission for audio input at the time it was being used, it would get blocked. However, with Android 10, the audio inputs now can be used by several apps at a time, however; in just a few cases.

Google has laid down rules for it in a recent documentation page.

To put it in simple words, the new Android system is mainly designed for benefitting accessibility services as well as Google Assistant. The accessibility applications can listen to input at once when a standard application is listening as well. The same applies when Google Assistant is accessed. However, the two standard applications cannot listen at same exact time.

If Google had not begun cracking apps down which utilize accessibility permission basically for reasons based on non-accessibility, this may have let for more interesting utilizations.