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Android TV to receive Android 10 update in 2019

Android TV to receive Android 10 update in 2019

Android 10 OS was launched on Pixel phones last month, however there has been no info on when the software update would be released for Android TV. But now, as per 9to5, Google has confirmed about releasing the new Android 10 software on Android TV by this year end at IBC 2019.

Google will roll out this new update along with a new developer device similar to how it did while launching Android Pie. Previous year, Google rolled out the developer hardware ADT-2 when Android Pie was launched. And now, this year the company will roll out an upgraded developer hardware ADT-3 in this year’s Quarter 4.

In fact, the company also said that the new Android TV’s would be unveiled in early 2020. Well, we don’t really know much about these new devices or if they’d be a consumer product or no.

Alongside Android 10 software comes an all-new upgrade policy as well. Earlier, Google needed Android TV manufacturers such as Nvidia to offer support for 3 key platform updates. However now, the new policy will need the device makers to offer just 2 key platform updates.

Nevertheless, it’s good to know that the Android TV devices would also get the new Android 10 software soon.

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