Apex Legends just received a huge update known as ‘Voidwalker’ because of its concentration on the fierce fighter Wraith. The update adds new challenges, changes in the map, limited edition stuff as well as limited time function sporting minimal armour and powerful weapons.

Just the earlier event of Apex Legends that allowed players to play solo, the greatest Voidwalker draw is the inclusion of a new mode called Armed and Dangerous. This mode offers just shotguns and snipers only and also lowers the availability and strength of helmets and armours.

Armed and Dangerous significantly turns each player into glass cannon which is capable of killing enemies using only a few trigger pulls. The core gameplay loop of Apex Legends continues but it is accentuated using increased stakes.

The previous event of the Apex Legends had an Octane themed area on the map, with Voidwalker doing exactly the same thing with Wraith. The small group of buildings located in the northern side of the Hydro Dam is a famous place for the players to fall in the starting of one match as it sports high level of loot.

Besides, the event comes with a no. of change as well, including the power to tweak the aim sensitivity settings.