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GreedFall Is A GreatFail On The Xbox One X

GreedFall Is A GreatFail On The Xbox One X

GreedFall is an action RPG (role-playing game) which concentrates on choices. Unlike several other titles available, you cannot complete each objective as everything is available as a choice. Either you can help a person at a time or the other. In simple words, to experience all of it, you will have to play GreedFall multiple times.

However, if you are using Xbox One X and playing GreedFall on 4K resolution, you may face issues with launching the game. The solution to this likely is to set the output of your console to 1080 pixels or lower and then play the game. But, this deprives you from the beautiful visuals of the game that are either 1800 pixels or 1440 pixels on Xbox One X.

A spokesperson for Focus Home Interactive said that Spiders, the developer of the game is well aware of this Xbox One Preview issue. It is working on coming up with a solution to it, the spokesperson added. However, it is not known as to when the patch will be rolled out to the game. Well, it might take a couple of days for it.

GreedFall seems like it may be an amazing game but currently it is a GreatFail when it comes to the Xbox One X.

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