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Kali NetHunter

Kali NetHunter is a non-profit project related to Android. From volunteers to professionals, anybody can take a step to contribute to the development of the project. Kali NetHunter is a free application that deals with Android security-related features. From installations to updates, once you get the Kali app, you can perform all sorts of operations by-passing security.

To set-up the Kali NetHunter, you will have to root your Android device. Most people prefer to root using Magisk. Other than that, you will require NetHunter chroot and NetHunter Kernel.

The latest version of the Kali NetHunter APK is now available for download, absolutely free. You will find the link as well as the changelog of the latest updates in this article!

Download Kali NetHunter APK-

Click the link below to be redirected to the Google Drive page from where you can download the Kali NetHunter app. Reach out to us if you face any trouble installing the app.

Kali NetHunter APK | Google Drive

Kali NetHunter latest changelog-

·        Migrate to python3

·        Fix DeAuth

·        Fix VNC setup with old su binaries

·        Add custom commands to start/stop wlan0 monitor mode

·        Add custom commands to set USB gadget mode

·        Minor bug fixes

·        Add workaround for Android scoped storage

·        Add USB-Arsenal fragment for HID support of previously unsupported de


Other changes added in the latest update are improved icons, Bluetooth armory, Pythin3 incompatibility fixes, and deauth bug fixes- all contributed by individual creators and developers.

You can get other NetHunter related kernel and applications on the official site. You can also drop your feedback here, which is the actively maintained Kali NetHunter forums.

We post related content and exciting updates every day, so stay tuned! Also, share this article with all those who might find this news helpful!

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