Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3 may come in a 15-inch model

Microsoft Surface slowly but steadily is gaining a strong fan base, especially for its Surface Laptop. The Microsoft Surface Laptop comes with an amazing battery life, unique finish and is super portable.

Surface Book 2 was the only option till date if you ever wanted to own a Microsoft-developed laptop having bigger screen size than 13.5 inches. However soon, there might not be a need for you to spend more to get yourself a big surface. As per WinFuture, Microsoft will be launching a 15 inches Surface Laptop variant, most likely the Surface Laptop 3, during its 2 October event. Most of the details are not available at the moment, however, Microsoft reportedly plans on preserving the 3:2 aspect ratio in the screen just how it executed for the bigger Surface Book.

There might be more surprises at the upcoming media event. As per The Verge, Microsoft may expectedly launch anAMD Ryzen based Surface Laptop 3 at the forthcoming event, though it is not certain if AMD-powered chip would be introduced in the 13.5-inch flavor, the 15-inch laptop or both.

Furthermore, the 2nd October presentation may have an array of devices, including an upgraded Surface Pro, one dual-display Surface teaser and a system based on Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.