Trusted Face smart unlock method has been removed from Android devices

Trusted Face smart unlock method has been removed from Android devices

Nowadays, one can find face unlock feature in nearly all smartphones, but there are many people who tend to not use this smart device unlock. The feature, which was introduced to Android back in the year 2014, has stayed accessible across all the Android devices until lately.

According to a report by Android Police, the face unlock has been removed officially from all Android devices running on Android 10 OS or below as well as from Nokia 3.2, OnePlus 6T and Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S9. Other smart device unlock features such as trusted places, on-body detection, voice match and trusted devices haven’t been removed so far.

The removal of the smart unlock functionality can occur so seamlessly as it hasn’t ever really been a part of Android firmware. It has been controlled by Google Play Services always. So it’s quite likely that a recent update of the Play Services probably removed the trusted face unlock option.

No one knows if this is a temporary affair or if the feature will be back in the future. Many expected that the option would be deprecated after it was fooled and broken in Android Q Beta 6.  Google has since been working to update and bring a secure face unlock method. As such, it pretty much makes sense that they would not like to maintain 2 distinct ways to utilize same functionality.

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