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Vivaldi’s browser for power users comes to Android

Vivaldi's browser for power users comes to Android

Opera’s ex-CEO had introduced the Vivaldi browser for desktop back in 2016 to power the users that missed out the tweaks and shortcuts that come with the standard Opera. And now, Vivaldi’s browser has been launched for Android as well, in a completely-featured beta built.

The new Android version of the Vivaldi browser comes loaded with all features one would expect out of a mobile phone browser such as bookmark, multiple tabs, private browsing and password syncing. The Opera fans will indeed be impressed to see a Speed Dials support, which provide faster access to bookmarks. It also concentrates on privacy and security, so that the firm does not gather excess of user info.

Apart from this, there are also a few more uncommon features such as integrated notes which synchronize between the user’s devices, an ability to swap search engines as well as a choice to take a screenshot of the entire webpage or the visible browser area.

The Vivaldi desktop version is designed mainly to offer better customization options than compared to other browsers. It comes with options to tweak several appearance aspects of the browser as well as the incorporation of features such as syncing the user’s RBG peripherals or smart lights with colors of the site they are presently browsing.

The Vivaldi beta version for Android is now available for download from the Play Store.

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