About Us

When passion meets hard work, amazing things happen! Technology has become an integral part of our
lives over the past few decades. Today, there’s hardly anything we do that is untouched by technology.
While we’re completely surrounded by gadgets and technological products around us, some of us find it
difficult to resolve issues when malfunctions or errors engulf us. Given how we can solve almost all of
these issues on our own using a simple Google search, Vaibhav Chawla, an engineer by profession
decided to help others with the knowledge he possesses.

Combining his love for technology, his zeal for learning and helping, and his keen interest in the various
domains of the tech world, he decided to share his knowledge and interest with the world.
As a result, after much speculation back and forth, Android Gram was founded back in the year 2019.
With several like-minded people joining his team over time, Android Gram, as of now helps over a lakh
people through its articles providing simple and effective solutions, news, and information each month.
At Android Gram, we deal with the latest information, and fixes and workarounds relating to Games, Technology and Gadgets, existing and upcoming products and updates, and much more.

We strive to serve our readers with accurate and legitimate information. For those experiencing
troubles with a product, we also provide easily doable fixes and workarounds that will help resolve the
particular problem.

We truly wish no reader returns without finding what they are looking for on our platform. Allow us to
help you with your problems through our articles. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries and/or