Meet Our Team

Saurabh Chawla

A website Marketing expert with the love for technology is what defines Saurabh. With over ten
years of experience in Web development and marketing, Saurabh is going to deliver content that
would help beginners stay in the loop.

Ravi Chawla
Senior Editor (Apps/Games)

Ravi specializes in the field of Apps/Games and with his impeccable talent he aims to deliver the public with astounding quality technical news. Information related to the latest mobile applications and games is all penned down by Ravi at Android Gram.

Karan Vaid
Editor (Gadgets/Devices)

Another outstanding member of the team is Karan. With his crazy humor and the aura to mold every situation into light-hearted moments, he works effectively at Android Gram on news topics related to Gadgets and Devices. Karan makes sure to deliver his audience with News that is substantial yet brief.

Manish Kapoor
Contributor (Virtual Reality)

Manish is a man with a vision who possesses high-quality moral for serving his readers with information in the form of News without adding any unwanted stuff to it. He deals with the Virtual Reality section and strives to impart high-end technology-based information. With his impeccable dedication and immense talent as a tech journalist, he plays a crucial role in compiling the VR related news at Android Gram.