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Among Us Mini Crewmate MOD download (no root)

Among Us

Gaming has taken a whole new turn this year. Minecraft has been unshakeable for years together when it comes to PC gaming. But 2020 introduced the world to Valorant from Riot, playing which gamers and streamers have gone crazy! Now talking about mobile gaming, PUBG is the move! Even though the game is banned in India, where most of its users are based, PUBG still managed to bag the top 3 positions!

But parallelly, another game completely swept off people’s minds and hearts from mainstream gaming. Not just hardcore gamers, but also those who hadn’t played a single game to date ended up falling for this game- Among Us.

The concept of the game is extremely simple- you choose a character and enter a game alongside your crewmates. But one of you is an imposter, who is all set to kill each one of you round by round until the crewmates are completely wiped out.

Among Us

But after every noticed kill, there is a time provided for discussion where you communicate with each other and eject one of you, who according to you is an imposter. But if you are an imposter, it is all in your hands to turn the crewmates against each other. What a concept!

But a MOD version of this app is being thoroughly enjoyed- Among Us Mini Crewmate MOD. Using this MOD app, your character becomes a mini version of itself, as you can see in the video below.

Users are completely loving this version and are commenting that this is a kind of MOD or hack they will always appreciate! The character looks rather cute and quick, drawing a lot of attention from Among Us lovers.

Click the link below to be redirected to the Google Drive folder from where you can download and enjoy this MOD for free. You do note require any sort of rooting or system changes to play and have fun with this version of the game!

Among Us Mini Crewmate MOD | Google Drive

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