eFootball PES Mobile 2021 down & not working due to emergency maintenance


When it comes to football games, PES & FIFA have dominated the market since the last few years. The rise in the smartphone industry has also paved the way for mobile-based games so PES & FIFA are no exception. The mobile version of FIFA & PES is equally popular as their PC & console version.

Cut to now, if you are PES Mobile owner & wondering why the game is not working for you currently, fret not, as you are not alone, many other players are also experiencing a similar issue. The reason for this is emergency maintenance.

According to the eFootball PES official Twitter handle, the game is currently under maintenance. The official blog of PES Mobile states the following :

We are currently performing emergency server maintenance due to an issue with the application.

  • If you are playing a VS User match when the maintenance begins, that match will be null and void.
  • You may be able to resume VS COM and VS COM (Sim) matches after the maintenance has ended.

However, please note that if an error occurs in the creation of match progress data, the match cannot be resumed.

It is presently unclear, until when the maintenance will run. So far, no timings regarding the end of the maintenance has been confirmed on the official blog. We are keeping a close eye on all the developments & will keep you updated whenever any new information arrives.

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