How To Get Unlimited Steel In Ghost Of Tsushima


Ghost of Tsushima is the latest entry in the vast library of PlayStation 4 exclusives. The game, puts you in the shoes of an honourable Japanese samurai, Jin Sakai and drops you into a historical setting where the Mongol empire is invading your homeland. Thereby, making it your duty to fend them off.

Ghost of Tsushima Katana

You have your trusty katana by your side and a plethora of weapons and tools which can be upgraded. However, in order to upgrade them, Ghost of Tsushima demands the player to scourge it’s open world and hunt for supplies. One of the most important crafting and upgrading material you will require is steel. In the game, steel is an uncommon material used by swordsmiths to upgrade your katana and tanto.

Ghost of Tsushima Steel

Unlimited Steel In Ghost Of Tsushima

The game came out only yesterday but that has never stopped anyone from finding and exploiting glitches. Similarly, a glitch has been found in Ghost of Tsushima which let’s you collect an unlimited supply of steel. Here’s how you too can pull it off :

As you progress through the game and discover new locations in the world, the shroud of fog lifts up revealing new locations on your map. After playing for a few hours, you will have unlocked access to the southern portion of the map. Once unlocked, head towards a location by the name “Salt Wind Estate” and be sure to approach it from its northern side.

Salt Wind Estate Location

Once inside, you will see a small shack with a loot chest on your left. Bypass all the enemies and loot the chest for √ó1 steel. Then, quickly die to the Mongol soldiers. You will spawn right outside the Salt Wind Estate, with the piece of steel you looted, still in your inventory.

Ghost of Tsushima Loot Chest

Now you get the jist of it. Repeat the process as many times as you want. It can be a little tedious and lengthy glitch to exploit but steel is quite a rare supply. Therefore, it is worth going through all the trouble.

We are unsure if this is an actual glitch or Sucker Punch left it intentionally in the game. But as long as it gets you all the steel you want, it shouldn’t matter much to you. To conclude, we’d like to suggest completing the game like an honourable samurai would do to fully enjoy the Ghost of Tsushima experience. However, if you want to save some effort, this glitch is for you.

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