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Xiaomi Firmware Updater

Xiaomi producing dozens of devices that are widely purchased is a known fact. But what’s important is the service that the developers provide even years after purchasing a Xiaomi device. If you hit up the Twitter page of the official Xiaomi Firmware Updater, there is always some or the other
update rolling out for Xiaomi devices, be it older models or new.

Flashable Firmware Creator- a tool that can be used to create flashable firmware files. Well, not just another tool. The Creator tool is used by Xiaomi Firmware Updater to create the firmware files.

The latest version of the Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator is out. In this article, you will read all about what’s new and the installation of Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator V2.

What’s New?

Developers claim that the tool has completely been re-written, basically coming up with an entirely new interface. Here are some of the changes-

Remote Zip files support-

With the latest version 2.0.0, you can extract and create firmware zip files from remote zips along with local zip files. Passing MIUI zip as a file argument and will create the required zip from it without having to download the whole ROM zip.

Class Interface-

The latest version also brings support where the tool can be used from other python scripts by importing the firmware creator class (Detailed instruction is available in README file). a


You can install the tool from Python PyPi using pip command.

Creator v2.0.1

Creator v2.0.2

To install the CLI tool (2.0.1) use pip install xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator. For the GUI (2.0.2) use pip install xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator_gui.

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