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WordPress 5.5 update broken many websites & plugins not working properly for many users


WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the internet world. Thousands of websites – news based, eCommerce based are running on the WordPress platform. WordPress recently got bumped to a new version 5.5 & it has brought a lot of changes.WordPress 5.5 includes an XML sitemap by default, which means your website will be easily discoverable by the search engines. The latest version of WordPress also gives users an auto-update option for plugins & themes.You can select which plugins you want to update or not. Block Editor has also received a few upgrades including the option for inline image editing. New Block Patterns have also made their way to WordPress 5.5.Well, apart from these new useful features, the latest version of WordPress has broken many websites. Many plugins are currently not compatible with the latest WordPress 5.5 update.If you are also facing a similar issue fret not as you are not alone, many others are also experiencing this problem. Have a look at a few complaints from users down below.So, if you are facing such issues, all you can do is wait for the particular theme developer or plugin developer to arrive with the fix & make their plugin or theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress.Here is a list of plugins which are currently not working properly for users

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Classic Editor
  3. Black Hole
  4. WooCommerce

Note : Currently these plugins are working on some themes but not all.

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