Call of Duty Mobile – Best Class & Attachments For DR-H


Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 went live on the global servers today. As always, a new season beings along with itself new features such as maps, weapons, perks, skins etc. Today we are going to talk about a new gun introduced in this season which is being considered as the best firearm in game by many players. This new weapon is called DR-H.

What makes the DR-H so unique is that it’s one of the few guns in the game which require a specific class setup to get the most out of it. Of course there are many ways to achieve that. Therefore, following we have mentioned some recommendations based on our understanding of the weapon.

New Weapon : DR-H

DR-H Assault Rifle

The DR-H is an assault class rifle available in Season 8 of COD Mobile. This gun packs quite a punch with its high damage value and good accuracy. It can be equipped with four different attachments which best suit your play style. The gun also features low recoil and a medium fire rate. The statics are as follows :

  • Damage : 71
  • Fire Rate : 56
  • Accuracy : 45
  • Mobility : 61
  • Range : 60

Therefore, these base stats of the gun make it a tier S weapon.

The DR-H can be obtained via the latest season Battle Pass at tier 21. Additionally, you can purchase a skinned version of it for added benefits. The skin available for this gun is called “Chained”. Equipping it slightly ups the firing range of this weapon and it comes with kill broadcast effects as well.

Chained DR-H

Best DR-H Attachments

As mentioned earlier, the DR-H has four different attachments slots used to fully customise it as you see fit. This is the only firearm in the game which has a new attachment exclusive for it. Thus, carefully customizing it becomes the key to getting desired results otherwise the whole thing can backfire. Let’s look into our attachment recommendations :

  • Iron Sights

The DR-H has a dedicated optic slot, just like most weapons available in the game. It can be equipped with a red dot, holographic sight and a tactical sight. However, the default iron sights on this weapon are really comfortable to use. Hence, we recommend sticking to it.

  • OTM


The OTM is a new attachment added in the game in the current season. It is only available on the DR-H assault rifle. It’s function is to improve the power of the weapon (not to be confused with FMJ which increases bullet penetration). Therefore, you might as well just give it a try.

  • Extended Magazine 

Extended Magazine DR-H

Since this gun is so powerful, there had to be a downside of it for maintaining balance in the game. Thus, the DR-H has a puny magazine capacity of holding only 20 rounds. This makes the extended magazine useful here.

We are not going with the fast mags as the basic reload time of this weapon is pretty smooth and swift already.

  • Quickdraw

Quickdraw DR-H

This attachment facilitate aiming down the sights faster and smoother. It is an ideal attachment for every weapon if you’re a player with a close ranged approach. Hence, equipping it on the DR-H is beneficial.

Recommended Perks

Equipping rights perks according to your play style is an important process while setting up your loadout. Following are our recommended perks to best suit this new weapon :

  • Lightweight

Light Weight Perk

Increase movement speed.

  • Toughness

Toughness Perk DR-H

Reduce aimpunch or player flinch by 60% while being shot it.

  • Dead Silence

Dead Silence Perk

Your footsteps aren’t visible on the minimap as well as they are not audible to nearby enemies.


The DR-H is an absolute beast which annihilates enemies at close quarters. At longer ranges, you might prefer to attempt single tap. This gun is an absolute 3 shot kill to the upper body and 4 to the lower body or at long distances.

COD Mobile

Equip it with the above mentioned attachments and you are set for a nice killing spree. We hope this article was helpful in designing your class for this weapon. You can experiment with your loadouts and see which one checks out to be the best for you.

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