The hatred towards YouTube’s advertising methods is increasing day by day. Especially when it reached a point when YouTube started showing two ads at a time without a skip option, users started turning towards other APKs like YouTube Vanced and NewPipe. But NewPipe is way too different from the original YouTube. Though the content remains the ones from YouTube itself, NewPipe is known for completely re-organizing the display format and providing a much better user experience.

The latest version of this app is NewPipe v0.20.3. This update is such a major upgrade for users as this app is now loaded with dozens of newly improved features. You will find the download link and all the details about the latest version in this article!

Download NewPipe v0.20.3-

App NameNewPipe
Size7.5 MB
App FeaturesYouTube client
No subscription/ account required
No ads and more
Last UpdateNovember 18, 2020
CompatibilityAndroid OS

NewPipe v0.20.3 Features-

One of the main additions in the latest version of the NewPipe update is related to YouTube links. NewPipe 0.20.3 brings support for YouTube Short URLs. But that’s just a pinch! Developers have also added support for shortened channel links. This is the format that the links will follow-

The app also comes with a new setting that will allow you to clear reCAPTCHA cookies. Support for discarding the extra cruft on redirect URLs has been added. This feature will allow you to open links from Google directly on NewPipe- one of the most requested features!

Other significant features of the NewPipe app like playing audio in the background, floating window, no ads, no account requirements, etc. are still perfectly integrated with the v0.20.3 update too.

If you have an older version of the NewPipe app installed, then you will be automatically prompted to update. If not, make the most out of the links we post! You can check out the full changelog here.

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