Huawei Chat Partner APK not working? Fix it this way

Chat Partner

Chat Partner is like a savior for Huawei fans. As most of you know, Huawei smartphones are banned from using Google Apps and Android OS. Though fans have been able to adjust just with the EMUI alone, Google apps are not just essentials but necessities that every smartphone needs to have. So a lot of people have been using Chat Partner through which they can download GApps and enjoy the experience for free without complications.

The beta version of HarmonyOS is all set to hit devices on December 18, 2020, as an Android OS alternative. But those who are still relied on Chat Partner are facing huge trouble. Chat Partner APK is now working properly for many users. Addressed on the Huawei community page too, here we are with the easiest way to fix your Chat Partner app if it’s not working properly!

Chat Partner

Step 1-

Open Settings on your Huawei device.

Step 2-

Click and open the Apps option on the menu.

Step 3-

You will see an option called Chat Partners. Click on that.

Step 4-

Then, open Storage.

Step 5-

Now click on the Clear Data option. This will erase the apps’ data from your device, but you do not have to re-install or downloading anything.

Step 6-

Once done, restart the pad and check if the issue persists.

The instructions are from one of the moderators on the official Huawei community page. So this is the closest set of assistance one could get from the official end, though Huawei doesn’t support third-party apps like Chat Partner to use the Google framework.

Currently, this is the only solution to the issues you are facing. If the problem persists despite following the instructions, head out to the Huawei Community page by clicking here and do drop a thread stating the situation you’re facing.

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