Roku TV: Fix screen flickering/ black screen issues in two ways

Roku TV

If you are facing screen flickering or black screen issues on your Roku TV, then there are two simple methods to resolve this problem. These methods apply to all Roku TVs including TCL, Hisense, Philips, and many more.

Method 1

The first method is very simple. Turn on your Roku TV and leave it on the Home screen. Head to the switchboard and unplug the power cable directly from the board, without turning the switch off or turning the TV off with the remote.

Wait for 30 seconds to one minute and connect the cable back to the switchboard. Roku TV will turn on automatically and most minor screen flickering issues are sorted by this very step. If the issue persists, head to the next method which is a set of steps that will resolve any screen flickering issue.

Method 2

Roku TV

Step 1-

Firstly, you need to confirm that the issue is only with the screen, and now an overall device problem including audio crash or latency. Launch an app and try streaming something. When the screen starts to flicker, notice if there’s any change or disturbance in the audio.

Step 2-

Turn your Roku TV remote sideways and tap on the volume button a couple of times and confirm audio levels one last time.

Step 3-

Now you will have to reset the TV using a set of keys as a combination. Before performing the combination, read the next section carefully-

You need to press the Home button (home symbol on the remote) 5 times. Then you have to press the Up arrow on the remote once. Finally, you need to press the rewind button twice and the fast forward button twice, all the tasks using your remote.

Now perform these actions without long intervals in between!

Home: 5 times
Up: 1 time
Rewind: 2 times
Fast Forward: 2 times

Step 4-

The last step is all about waiting. After performing the combination, your home screen will scroll up and down once or twice and then the screen will shut down. Your device will reboot and might shut down again. This will happen on and off fro a couple of times and that’s it! The screen flickering/ black screen issue will be fixed and you can stream your favorite content without any disturbances.

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