League of Legends – New Champion Yone Leaked Splash Art


Lately, the League of Legends community has been a lot more active and tons of leaks are coming up everyday. Admist the wait for the upcoming 10.15 patch update, several leaks have addressed a new champion coming to the game. Today we are going to take a look at some leaked splash art for this champion Yone.

Leaked Splash Art

The splash art imagery for champion Yone has been circulating all over the internet for some time. In our opinion, it seems very well made and almost qualifies as real. Take a look for yourself.

Leaked Yone Splash Art

That being said, developer Riot Games has not yet revealed any information about Yone or his existence in the game. While they remain tight-lipped about him, fans have been left with speculation for a while.

League of Legends – New Champion Yone & His Lore

As mentioned earlier, there have been a lot of League of Legends leaks recently. One of the leaks presents some data mined audio files which address champion Yone by his name. From all the hints we have gathered from these audio files, here is the lore we’ve managed to piece together.

Yone is Yasuto’s elder brother who was tasked to hunt him after Yasuo was accused of murdering their master. After a brutal confrontation, Yone was left to die by his younger brother. The latter then went to live in exile. Now, Yone seems to have found a way to cheat death and come back to claim his revenge on Yasuo.

New Champion Yone

This lore fits the description of the champion Riot Games has been teasing for long. According to them, the upcoming champion will be a “masked assassin who refuses to die”. Thereby, it confirms that we are on the right track.

In the leaked splash art, Yone appears to have a Darkin influence. It does explain how he was able to chest death however, this theory was outright denied. The narrative designer at Riot Games, Micheal Yichao confirmed this in a recent tweet.

Riot Games LoL Tweet

Champion Yone – Release Date

Riot Games had previously stated that they plan to add two new champions to LoL in quick succession. This will be done during a mid-summer event. Fans have already got a peak at Lillia, one of the two upcoming champions. Hence, Yone is very likely to follow right after her.

According to some fan speculation, Riot Games could reveal Yone on 24th July, but then again nothing has been officially confirmed.

With this, we would like to conclude our thoughts on the splash art leaks. In the end, we would like to add that these leaked images look very interesting. We hope Yone comes out to be just as epic as these splash arts.

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