Minecraft 1.16 RLCraft Mod Pack new version available now (Download Link Inside)


Minecraft, in its decade long run has become the world’s best selling game and for fair reasons. It offers a unique gameplay that has spawned an entire genre of sandbox games. The credit for this success goes to the developers of course however a huge chunk of it is deserved by its community as well. Minecraft has a massive player community which is one of the most actives ones, even after 10 years. There is a plethora of community developed mods that boost the replayability of the game. They range from optimising performance to bringing new content to the world. Today we are going to take a look at one of such mods, called the RLCraft mod for Minecraft.

RLCraft Biomes

This mod was developed way back in the January of 2018, however it receives updates frequently. The recent RLCraft update caught our attention, hence we are here bringing this gem for you. The “RL” in the name stands for “Real Life”. In other words, this mod is designed keeping me in mind the aspects of reality that can be added to the gameplay. This makes this mod significantly harder than the vanilla Minecraft experience.


You are looking at brutally realistic features such as thirst, shortage of food etc. Apart from these, you can expect some original Minecraft features as well, though with amped up difficulties. After all, the selling point of RLCraft mod is “You will die”. Sounds like Dark Souls to us.

RLCraft Mod Pack

Following is a list of some of the features packed in RLCraft that is ready to give you a thrilling yet satisfying gameplay experience :

  • Tough As Nails (thirst & heat) – The mod with the most influence in this pack. You have a thirst bar along with hunger now, plus you have temperature to worry about as well, with changing seasons and biome specific heat, probably not the greatest idea running into a desert in the middle of summer, or going high into the extreme hills mountains when its just becoming winter.
  • Rough Tweaks (no health regen) – A simple but powerful change to the healing mechanics. No longer will eating food restore your health. Mobs will occasionally drop salves, plaster, and bandages that can all be used to heal your wounds. These can all be crafted as well as found as loot, along with the ability to create much more potent medikits that can even become enchanted later on.
  • Skillable (leveling system) – No longer are you able to use diamond gear and tools right away, or know how to use an enchanting table and anvil, or farm certain crops even. Skillable adds several skill categorys which you level up with your XP. These skills and requirements have been specially tweaked for this modpack, extending early and even mid game quite a lot.
  • Lycanite’s Mobs – A LOT of new mobs that are biome specific, as well new items and weapons that can eventually be obtained from these creatures, even the ability to have some of them as pets and/or mounts!  Random mobs events are also turned on in this modpack.
  • Infernal Mobs – Various mobs will now rarely have a chance of spawning with magical properties, anything from a zombie that can summon fireballs, or a skeleton that can trap you in webs.  Careful around these guys!  They do drop some nice loot though.
  • Realistic Torches – Torches are now unlit when crafted, and must be manually lit with either a match box or flint and steel.  They don’t last forever and will burn out over a few Minecraft days.  They can also be put out by the rain as well.  Normal permanent ever-lasting torches can still be crafted however with the use of applying glowstone dust to unlit torches or slapping some glowstone paste on a lit torch.
  • Better Survival (new weapons with abilities) – Craft the right tool for the job.  You have warhammers which can push back enemies, battle axe’s for disarming mobs, spears that can be thrown and extend your reach, daggers that are quick with high sneak attack damage, and nunchakus that can be held down for attacking which increase damage the longer you spin them.
  • Dynamic Surroundings (compass and clock enhancements) – Along with the sound overhaul realism this mod brings, it also enhanced the compass to show coordinates now and proper cardinal directions, which you will need since F3 Debug has been disabled.  The added ambient sounds and effects really bring out an awesome immersive experience when it comes to pure survival and adventure.
  • Bloodmoon – A bloodmoon is set to appear at a 1% chance every night.  When this happens, you cannot sleep, mob spawns are quadrupled, and the spawn radius from players removed, meaning mobs can spawn right next to you.  Be extremely careful when this event happens.
  • Battletowers – Various battletowers will now spawn all throughout the world with my custom loot tables, the loot getting far better the higher you go.  Beware of the tower guardian though at the top, guarding the best loot.

New Mod For Minecraft 1.16

All this and much more! Download the RLCraft mod today and see yourself. Click here to download.

Additionally you can follow this video to get the exact jist of playing on the RLCraft mod. And in the end, we wish you luck.

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