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Minecraft 1.16 – Mod Sodium for Performance Optimization (Download Link Inside)


Last month, Mojang came out with the 1.16 Nether Update for Minecraft and things have been looking different ever since. The update pumped new life into the already popular game, attracting more players to become a part of the community. Now, we all know that Minecraft is not a graphic intensive or highly competition eSport level game like many others in the market. However, performance matters where it does. Thus, we present to you a third part community mod called Sodium.

Sodium, as mentioned earlier is a third party developed mod for Minecraft 1.16 which targets achieving greater performance. It focuses solely on the client. Sodium aims towards improving frame rates, reducing micro stutter and lag spikes and fix graphical defects. Reddit user u/jellysquid_, the author of this mod claims that Sodium can boost frame rates up by 400%+.

Frame Rate Boost

On top of that, this mod offers compatibility with other mods. In simpler words, this performance enhancer mod won’t interfere with the working of your other graphical enhancing kids. Here is a quick list of all the technical details of Sodium :

  • Sodium uses modern OpenGL features for chunk rendering, which allows for a significant reduction in CPU usage (up to 90%!) when rendering the world. This can make a huge difference to frame rates for most computers that are not bottle-necked by the GPU or other components. Even if your GPU can’t keep up, you’ll experience much more stable frame times thanks to the CPU being able to work on other rendering tasks while it waits.
  • The data format used for rendered chunks has been made much more compact, reducing video memory and bandwidth requirements by almost 40%. This is especially powerful for older integrated GPUs.
  • Nearby block updates now take advantage of multi-threading, greatly reducing lag spikes caused by chunks needing to be updated.
  • Plentiful optimizations for chunk loading and block rendering, making chunk loading significantly faster and less damaging to frame rates.
  • Many graphical fixes for smooth lighting effects, making the game run better while still applying a healthy amount of optimization.

Sodium Mod#1

  • Smooth lighting for fluids and other special blocks.
  • Smooth biome blending for blocks and fluids, providing greatly improved graphical quality that is significantly less computationally intensive.

Sodium Mod#2

  • Many improvements to how the game manages memory, which in turn reduces memory consumption and lag spikes caused by Java’s garbage collector activity.

Sodium Mod#3

We hope we were able to ignite some interest in you towards this performance enhancing mod. Click here to download it.

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