Minecraft Java 1.16 20w29a Snapshot is released now


It’s a new week in the world of Minecraft, and a new week brings along with itself a new snapshot. Yesterday, Mojang released snapshot 20w29a for version 1.16 of Minecraft Java Edition. Therefore, today we are going to take a look at what’s inside the patch notes.

Mojang had already stated two weeks ago, that there won’t be new features coming to the game after 20w27a. Which means, the current update focuses on minor changes and fixing bugs in its majority. Hence let’s take a look at what 20w29a has to offer.

Minecraft Java 1.16 20w29a Snapshot

Changes in 20w29a

In terms of general gameplay changes, Mojang has implemented a new sorting technique for tools in the creative item menu. Earlier, tools had a category of their own in the item menu (E). However, with the recent changes they will be categorised under the material used to build them.

The technical changes in 20w29a include changes in the command spawnpoint and setworldspawn. According to the patch notes :

Added angle parameter for setting the default facing angle of a respawning player.

Syntax: spawnpoint [targets] [pos] [angle]
Syntax: setworldspawn [pos] [angle] New parameters:

  • angle – Floating point angle in degrees. Supports the relative ~ modifier

Minecraft Java

Latest Bug Fixes

Following is the report of all the bugs that’s have been encountered and fixed in the recent update :

  • MC-194464 – “large_oak_foliage_placer” incorrectly serializes to “blob_foliage_placer”
  • MC-194298 – Bone meal can’t create flowers
  • MC-194257 – Several instances of “snowy” being spelled as “snovy” in the vanilla_worldgen configuration
  • MC-194220 – Totems of Undying give you Fire Resistance II instead of the maximum Fire Resistance I
  • MC-194200 – Birch trees are not generated correctly in the Birch Forest and Birch Forest Hills biomes
  • MC-194173 – Hitboxes are rendered offset while picking up items or experience on graphics settings Fast and Fancy
  • MC-193662 – Player flying in creative slightly above blocks while sneaking and jumping are restrained to that block
  • MC-193560 – Enchantment glint doesn’t render on elytra in specific circumstances
  • MC-192021 – Enchantment Glint effect on transparent blocks not properly rendered on Fabulous graphic
  • MC-191623 – Ender dragon battle music does not stop after ender dragon has been defeated
  • MC-191031 – Players in spectator mode can interact with boats
  • MC-190559 – Baby striders don’t die when it’s raining and they are in lava
  • MC-189788 – Certain mobs in boats sometimes take drowning damage while the boat is moving
  • MC-185019 – Worldgen settings with empty structures parameter generates all structures extremely frequent
  • MC-176836 – Unarmed vindicators raise their arm in offensive way when attacking
  • MC-176778 – Camera is reset when a block reappears due to high server latency
  • MC-166718 – Mobs no longer suffocate inside of soul sand, farmland or grass paths
  • MC-158735 – Pillagers without crossbows hold their arm up, in a way that may be offensive to some people
  • MC-153230 – Players in spectator mode can stop minecarts

Snapshot 20w29a

We hope you found this informative. Snapshots are available only for Minecraft Java Edition and they can be downloaded by enabling them in the Installation tab in your Minecraft launcher.

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