Samsung M51 missing Good Lock, Secure Folder & Bluetooth Dual Audio features

Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung is one of the most reputed companies with the most number of employees in the tech field. But this massive company has been through several controversial incidents in the past, mostly related to battery issues. But hardware problems are just one half of the story. There are a couple of things related to the software which are not the best of execution one would expect.

Samsung Galaxy M51 is one of the latest releases from the brand. It is a budget flagship smartphone that costs around Rs. 23,000/ $410. An average user has all the reasons to consider a device of this price to pack almost every feature and support.

But the Galaxy M51 lacks features like the Good Lock app, secure folder, side lighting, and more. One of the new users have created a thread on the official forum to express disappointment, followed by several other comments regarding the same-

Galaxy M51 forum

Even the Dual Audio feature is not available on the brand-new Galaxy M51. The problem is very evident- the Galaxy M51 comes with a Snapdragon processor, along with OneUI Core skin. The issue with Core UI is, you will end up missing out on some valuable features like the support for the Good Lock app.

But the original OneUI supports all these additional features and gestures, but one has to settle for Samsung’s Exynos processor. Other users who commented on the post have also figured out this massive drawback. Here are their views-

Galaxy M51 forum
Galaxy M51 forum
Galaxy M51 forum

At this point, the officials have to come up with a way to provide these exclusive features to every Samsung devices users. Whether Core UI or OneUI, what matters is how many Samsung users end up paying a huge lump of money and still leave with a broken heart. Especially with Good Lock features like customizing the entire UI gestures, it’s only fair if every Samsung smartphone supports it.

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